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Welcome to ERP Minds!

The moment you see the highly acclaimed Rubik's Cube, you know you're supposed to twist the pieces. And it's beautifully designed. Even if you've never handled one, you want to pick it up and try it. And once you do that, it's hard to walk away until you've solved it.

This is analogous to twisting, turning, and fine-tuning any company’s success. The different sides of a Rubik’s cube can very easily be the multiple facets of a company’s I.T. strategy. There’s one side for accounting and financials, another side for sales & distribution management; there’s a side for inventory and another for reports and analytics of the company.

ERP Minds provides companies ERP solutions to twist, turn, analyze, change, and control these faces – to create new, more diverse sides where information from different sections merge – and reorient their perspectives to business goals. These fresh perspectives help companies become more innovative, productive, and efficient in compelling ways – till they have met their dynamic business needs.


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