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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural approach to building composite applications from reusable, platform independent services. The resulting composite application draws functionality from multiple internal and external systems. An SOA lets you integrate virtually all your IT resources, turning presumed incompatibility and isolated data into strategic business advantage.

An ERP Minds SOA allows organizations to share open source application logic and data among multiple open source applications. Our composite applications are created by combining loosely coupled and interoperable services. These services operate independent of the underlying platform or programming language. Additionally, the ERP Minds SOA allows you to integrate existing applications across the enterprise.

The advantages of an ERP Minds' SOA solution are:

Application adaptability to changing technologies
Ease-of-integration among open source software and with legacy or closed source systems
Ability to leverage closed source application investments while improving agility
The ease at which reusable business processes can be created and shared throughout the enterprise


Value-added to your company:

Improves business agility to allow innovation to prosper
Reduces software total-cost-of-ownership across the enterprise
Lengthens existing application life-cycles to increase ROI

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