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ERP Minds' process for service delivery was born out of necessity. As many of you can attest, it is far from easy to manage a globally distributed team. But we have perfected it! Mastery of available Internet collaboration tools and software, the careful management of internal policy controls, the diligence to share knowledge and our execution of following best practices contribute significantly to our comparative advantage.

We have taken process to a new level by incorporating new technology capabilities that allow us to collaborate with client-side project teams remotely. Although, we can provide onsite resources when necessary, our collaboration process continues to disprove the traditional service delivery model that requires onsite resources. Therefore, our process in and of itself, reduces total project spend, providing measurable customer value.

Our methodology for open source software implementation is a set of values, principles and practices that shorten the project lifecycle, minimize risk, ensure predictable results and deliver high quality software.

We combine modern online tools with agile development techniques that streamline the delivery of your software to optimize your ROI. Within an hour from engagement, a program manager and business analyst are assigned and working on facilitating your project by assembling your project team, creating an online environment for capturing requirements, and establishing communication protocols. It is our experience that successful software implementations emerge from a balancing of upfront planning with ongoing and frequent release cycles. Our agile methodology embraces and promotes iterative development. The days of extensive, pre-project planning for monolithic software applications using a waterfall approach are over. The internet has changed all that. And, open source is the proof point. Our implementation methodology is modeled on modern processes and open source software experience to deliver high quality solutions faster.

We are highly experienced with taking open source projects from assessment through to deployment and support. However, if you would prefer, as a first and very important step, we can begin by assessing your requirements to determine and recommend which open source software is best suited to meet your needs.

Project Stages:

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