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Open source software package implementations are challenging. With hundreds of thousands of projects on alone, and thousands of distributed developers around the world producing new code and new applications each month, understanding the particular nuances of open source software in any given space can be daunting. For companies that have the time and resources to conduct their own rigorous analysis and provide implementation assistance to the business group, most open source ISVs provide adequate support. However, for companies that require high quality, fast, on-time, within budget deployments that meets business needs, CorraTech will seamlessly step in to assist.

Our package application teams have gone through extensive domain, process and application training in their respective disciplines. The disciplines covered by our group include:

Business intelligence
Customer relationship management
Enterprise content management
Enterprise portals
Enterprise resource planning
Messaging and collaboration

Open source alternatives exist for almost every category of software. Across your enterprise at the group level, open source software applications will reduce use restrictions, provide greater choice, lower license costs and reduce time-to-market.

Our expert consulting team can help your company with:

Consulting & selection
Application customizations
Implementation & global rollouts
Integration through the platform
Application lifecycle management
Data migration
Process reengineering
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