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The proliferation of customer segments, product categories, media outlets and channels has made marketing more complex, more costly and, quite frankly, less effective. For years, companies have used the Internet as simply another marketing outlet. However, customers on the Web expect a different type of marketing message: they want depth of inventory, rich and relevant product/service information, personalized communication, user-friendly applications and fast performance. Companies that have embraced best-practice interactive strategies have moved from a mass consumer approach to a customer-centric strategy that delivers greater demand generation, measurable transaction results, higher lead conversion rates and stronger customer relationships.

After in depth organizational discussions, ERP Minds can transform your Web strategy into an integrated customer management system. We have helped organizations create marketing environments that maximize Web site visitor interaction by providing the right creative message, to the right segment, at the right time. With over 10 years of experience combining Web technologies with creativity, our interactive marketing & design teams have delivered online branding through visual and interactive communication to some of the largest companies in the world. Combining our creative staff with our open source technologists allows us to deliver significant marketing value at lower costs.

ERP Minds can help your company:


Understand your customers
Optimize interaction frequency and relevance
Speed lead conversion
Facilitate repeat purchasing
Increase customer retention

We will analyze your organizational objectives, industry segment, competitive position, customer requirements, trends, threats, product positioning and brand strategies. We will then balance this discovery information against interactive marketing best practices, combining our marketing depth-of-experience with technology expertise. The end result is a fully-functional end-to-end interactive marketing system that incorporates the following five principles to increase revenue:

Targeted segmentation
Search engine marketing
eMail marketing / eNewsletters
Affiliate programs
Online advertising
Compelled interaction

Segmented/relevant content
Design & functionality differentiation
Creative customer data capture
New media strategy
Lead conversion

Integrated CRM
Performance optimization & monitoring
eCommerce strategy

Statistical traffic analysis
Customer eSurveys
Customer analytics
Customer retention

Communication strategies
Content management
Relevant interactio

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