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The total cost-per-user for communication and collaboration software remains extremely high. As organizations seek to drive productivity by deploying messaging, calendaring and instant messaging throughout the enterprise, lowering the cost-per-user has become increasingly important. With the high cost of proprietary solutions and an increasing number of users, organizations are seeing a larger portion of their IT budgets absorbed by very basic – but very critical – collaboration tools. Most CIO's and IT administrators are eager to find alternative solutions that offer a lower total-cost-of-ownership, but are also more scalable, more secure, easier to administer and easier to integrate than traditional tools. Open source-based collaboration tools are the answer.

ERP Minds’ messaging and collaboration solutions are cross-platform and extendable. We implement the most modern, innovative messaging and collaboration application available today. Using the Open Source platform, we can easily integrate with internal applications and newer open source applications. ERP Minds’ goal is to provide the architecture, knowledge, experience and tools to make messaging a strategic initiative within your organization. Extending your messaging platform can make users more productive, improve email data integrity, unify document storage, and synchronize multiple calendars and more.

Innovative easy to use Web interface
Address book and calendaring
Document management integration
CRM integration
Outlook and mobile connectivity
Extended search capabilities
Built-in advanced security features
Exchange and Outlook migration tools
Offline capabilities
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