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Organizations require knowledge management tools that help to consolidate information assets in an easily consumable format. Enterprise portals are a means of consolidating information and providing external partners and globally-distributed employees with an integrated Web-enabled interface accessible from anywhere in the world. Enterprise portals foster a secure, collaborative, knowledge-sharing environment among employees, supply chain partners, channel partners and customers. What’s more, they are accessible anytime, anywhere in a secure, personalized manner.

Enterprise portals will:

Strengthen employee and partner relationship by improving the frequency of collaboration
Improve communication and real-time knowledge transfer
Provide for faster insight into rapidly changing business dynamics
Provide a universal interface for enterprise applications to improve usability
Establish greater agility across the enterprise
Optimize your current technology investment

In addition to building custom open source portal solutions for clients, ERP Minds’ integrated solutions take a standards-based approach to user interface integration using enterprise portal services.

Our enterprise portal solutions are based on work with corporate stakeholders and IT managers to ensure effective, secure knowledge transfer. Along the way, we advise the project team on best practices, risks and alternatives. The result is an enterprise portal matched to your business needs, deployed at a much lower cost than traditional solutions.

Self-service customer portals
Improve customer services experience, expanding interaction frequency and establishing longer-term customer loyalty. Speed response times. Reduce customer service transaction costs. Provide innovative customer interaction capabilities, improving your competitive advantage. Cross sell products. Introduce customer communities.

Supply-chain & channel partner portals
Refill orders, track supplies, build communities, manage partner relationships, gather insight through surveys, and expand relationships into other areas. Partner portals provide the opportunity for your organization to improve interaction frequency, capture and share information with your partners.

Employee portals
Share intra-departmental and inter-departmental knowledge. Improve internal collaboration. Create a unified interface across multiple applications with single sign-on. Extend internal information beyond corporate boundaries.
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