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In the face of increasing global competition, it is critically important for companies to optimize productivity by empowering knowledge workers to collaborate more effectively and make better, faster decisions. Individual productivity tools, such as spreadsheets, word processors, presentation tools and email, have all added to the proliferation of unstructured data that must be managed. Organizations are tasked with storing this information, making it accessible and ensuring that it is up-to-date and secure. All in all, the mass of information in today’s enterprise must be continually and appropriately distributed, published and consumed.

ERP Minds’ content management solutions help companies streamline the use of content, automate paper processes, collaborate on documents more efficiently and handle very large volumes of unstructured information.

With ERP Minds, the ability to consistently manage large volumes of unstructured data across the enterprise and across various point solutions is a simplified, cost effective reality.

ERP Minds’ content management solutions will provide the following across your enterprise:

Web content management
Our Web content management solutions empower business groups to easily manage and coordinate Web content via an easy-to-use interface. Our solutions will help your company ensure branding consistency across all Web properties, as well as consolidate Websites into a single managed environment to lower costs. ERP Minds provides the ability to reuse content across business applications and Websites to drive consistency and lower publishing costs – empowering users to manage their own content and more quickly adapt it to business needs with less process overhead.

Document management
Whether for regulatory compliance, superior customer service, data management, business continuity or effective collaboration, document management provides quick enterprise-wide retrieval of unstructured data. Manage the complete lifecycle of financial, operational, sales and marketing documents in a single, robust repository. Integrate company-wide document storage policies and systems directly within business application software.

Content collaboration
Globalization makes it harder for leading enterprises to capitalize on distributed corporate intelligence. They must consistently share knowledge to drive efficiencies, productivity and greater innovation. Use effective content management software and enterprise portal services to allow individual employees to impact the entire organization faster.

Records management
Records management is crucial in today’s stringent regulatory environment. Records management is the practice of identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving and destroying records. Create, approve and enforce records policies. Develop records storage processes. Coordinate the access and circulation of records within and outside organizational boundaries. Managing privacy, data security and identity theft are critical to maintaining a solid records management policy across the enterprise.

Knowledge management
Knowledge management solutions identify and store intelligent corporate information for easy access and redistribution in real time. As part of an overall enterprise strategy, knowledge management drives corporate collaboration, performance management, comparative advantage, customer intimacy and faster innovation.

Document Imaging
Paper, fax and email need to be digitized, stored and related to other information at the point-of-entry into an organization. Manage mail, invoice and billing documents, contracts, proposals and forms.

Growing organizations must continually and constantly scale their web presence. Customers expect a significant breadth and depth of content that is constantly updated. This creates a significant challenge for internal web management or marketing groups, but ERP Minds’ solutions make content management a snap.
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