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Why BI?

Consumers today demand quicker, more efficient response from businesses. To stay competitive, companies must meet or exceed the expectations of consumers. Companies must learn to rely more heavily on their business intelligence (BI) systems to stay ahead of trends and future events, especially because BI users demand real-time BI or near real-time analysis relating to their business, particularly in front line operations.

Corporate leaders who realize the need for synchronization of the speed at which information changes and the need for better, faster decision making have created a new knowledge environment. This environment analyzes data such as sales trends, customer buying habits, operational activities, financial calculations and other business performance metrics. BI tools allow organizations to effectively measure and monitor this information to its smallest degree, speeding decision-making and enhancing enterprise performance.

Corporate leaders no longer have to rely on expensive proprietary software platforms to gain performance advantages. Open source BI software uses a modern architecture built for the Web from the ground up. We provide an open source alternative that surpasses the leading proprietary BI suites in many areas of architecture, standards support, functionality, and ease of deployment. In other words, we don't expect you to adopt it simply because it's open; we expect that you will choose it because it's better.

Open source BI delivers all the key elements associated with more costly proprietary BI suites:

• Reporting
• Analysis
• Dashboards
• Data Mining
• Workflow
• BI Platform

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